I’m Going to Dance All Over Your Castrated Nuts Freak

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My stupid perv brother always goes crazy when I get back from my dance class. He tries to look at my feet & gets an instant boner. My mom & I are sick of him always acting like a perv around our feet. So she said I could cut off his nuts when she gets home. Then I’m going to kick ’em on to the patio & dance all over them with these sharp heels. I’ll grind ’em into the hard concrete til they’re nothing but a stain & crud stuck to the bottoms of these shoes. So I tell the perv what I’m about to do to him as I dig my sharp heels into his nuts & start to ruin him. Then I take off my high heels & start stomping all around between his legs. No idea how he messed himself. But mom will be home soon & then he’ll be nutless anyway.



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