Your Balls Deserve To Die

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Megan’s boyfriend is waiting for her in the next room & she’s about to go have sex with him. But she had walked through mud earlier & her boots are filthy. So she decides to make her cuck husband lick them clean. And when he doesn’t do a good job, she starts kicking him in the balls. This is incredibly cruel because she keeps him in permanent spiked chastity 24/7 & the slightest bit of force hitting his chastity causes the razor sharp spikes to slash his balls to pieces. Megan focuses on killing off the nut that she kicked really hard the other day & injured it, just to be extra cruel to him. She’ll be having sex with her boyfriend while he’s down on the floor suffering with intense sexual frustration & severe pain from her kicks, while struggling to lick all the mud off the bottoms of Megan’s boots before she’s done having sex with her boyfriend. If her boots aren’t spotless by the time she’s done, she’ll kill off his other nut too!



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