Bullied By His Cruel Wife

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Megan’s always so mean to her cuck husband & thinks it’s funny to abuse him. So Megan orders him to lick all of the caked on mud & other nasty stuff off the bottoms of her boots & kicks him in the balls when he doesn’t do it “good enough” to please her. And because Megan keeps him locked up in permanent spiked chastity 24/7, she’s kicking razor sharp spikes directly into his balls every single time that she kicks & keeps cutting them to pieces. Megan constantly calls him names to belittle him & tells him he better take all her abuse or she’s going to use that big scary knife that she’s holding to cut off his nuts!



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2 thoughts on “Bullied By His Cruel Wife

  1. I dream about you cutting off my balls with that big knife you have Goddess. I’d gladly be castrated by you.

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