1 Last Kicking & Draining Before the Party

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I kick this slave’s nuts & then all of the cum out of ’em. I’m having a party this weekend & want to make sure that the freak doesn’t bother any of my friends. So I make sure that he’ll be too weak to do much of anything! Ha ha.



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2 thoughts on “1 Last Kicking & Draining Before the Party

  1. Hello, I’m a big fan of your old C4s store kickedandabused. I was wondering do you have any more of the older clips like the pumped by a goddess and pump the cum out series?

    1. Yes! Every clip that has ever been in “kickedandabused” will be added to this website. It’s only a matter of getting all of that content added. But there will be 1000’s of videos here eventually and this website will be the only place to find our entire catalog.

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