This is the Last Time You’ll Ever Release – Round 4

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Megan has decided to have a brand new Marriage Contract drawn up. This new contract will be far worse for her cuck husband than the original one. So much so that he was too scared to even sign it. But when Megan told him that she’d let him out of chastity for 1 night & allow him to jerk to her feet if he did… He went crazy & had no other choice but to comply. This is Round 4 from that night. Megan continues to make him jerk harder & faster. She’s determined to make him suffer!



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1 thought on “This is the Last Time You’ll Ever Release – Round 4

  1. May I ask Goddess.

    Contract(s) of this nature with husband. Can they be legally binding, ie you sue him for e.g. an error and him failing to comply through it.

    Many thanks

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