How to Shop

Don’t Know Where to Start? No Worries it’s Easy!

3 Easy Steps
1- Get Your Wallet
2- Add Funds
3- Get Your Clips

If you’re already using crypto, shop using any wallet. As long as you can Send and Receive crypto from it, you can use it to shop on the site.

If you’ve never used crypto before and don’t mind going through a verification process, then Coinbase is your best bet. Coinbase is one of the oldest and most trusted Exchanges (platform to buy and sell crypto) in the Crypto World. Setting up a Coinbase account is very much like opening a new Bank Account. They require verification to get you set up, but it’s free & the easiest place for a brand new person to get started. Coinbase also offers the same protection that a bank does. FDIC Insurance up to $250k per account.

If you want to get started with very little verification, here are some other ways:

STEP #1 – Set Up a Wallet
Computer or Tablet (Atomic Wallet
Phone (Coinomi

STEP #2 – Add Funds
CoinFlip (CoinFlip is the leading Bitcoin ATM operator in the world with 24/7 customer support and low fees. CoinFlip also supports credit and debit card purchases online.
Buy Crypto online with CoinFlip (takes 10-30 minutes for funds to be sent to your wallet after purchase).
Buy Crypto at an ATM using Cash

STEP #3 – Get Your Clips
Once you have funds in your crypto wallet, then you are ready to shop. At Checkout, scan the QR Code when using a Phone. If using a Computer/Tablet, click or tap the clipboard to Copy the “Send” and “To” info, and then Paste into your wallet to send the funds. Takes about 1-10 minutes to process after you’ve sent the funds. Please be patient.

A link to download your clip will be emailed to you at the email address you provided during checkout. Download link is a ZIP File, but all videos are MP4. If you’re using a Phone you may need a File Manager App (free from Google Play to open ZIP Files. For More info on ZIP Files see the ZIP Files Section.

Contact us if you do not receive your download link to download your clips Contact Support.

After receiving your download link via email, you will have 48 hours to download your clips and are allowed to download each file 3 times. If you’re having a technical issue, let us know and we will assist you. Contact Support

NOTE: The Above “Recommendations” have been made to make the Shopping experience easier for those that are new to using crypto. We are NOT Affiliated with any of the 3rd Party Providers listed and are NOT Responsible for lost or stolen funds or any other damages incurred, as a result of you using services from any of the Providers listed above.